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Arts . Crafts . Handmade . d i y

While we '97 Yaowarat' would like to be an inspiration for local Phuket people and living here to preserve the way of ancient classic - slow city - lifestyles with organising 'Crafts & Activities House' in Feb 2021. But Covid-19 still occurs #round 2 #round 3 and turns people need to spend more time in the house to keep social distancing, less group activities (some may say less happily), work from home, or even many were unemployed.

Don't give up! Believe yourself, increase your selfe-esteem,
Let's try!

They can help your mind to be calm as therapy, although they might be not the answer or involved with your next job.

However, you may 'blink' some idea what to do next..
add value  for your family, yourselves
in POSITIVE ways and POSITIVE attitudes.

Below here are some arts & crafts productions... 
Keep Calm... Stay Cool...Enjoyed Shopping!

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