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Pre-wedding photos destination & the best selected locations in Phuket!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Everyone knows 'BOBO', he is a success at young with professionals on makeup artist and become an achieving incredible success of Thailand on his own wedding studio's business! Our host was very impressed his services since our special day wedding in year 2014. He is friendly, polite, respect clients. We knew him since he had not haven any his own studio. First Come, First Serve...that he always says.

His determination and focus to be the best on what he loves 'makeup', learning by doing, learning from experiences, do you think how hard to be the best and respect by others with very young of age? Yes, it is very very hard but he can do and now, he is become to be a famous artist of Thailand, who are hunted by brides to be included the super stars in Thailand know his profile too.

'BOBO' studio are wedding one stop services with very luxury in details. It is all about 'Beauty' and can make your special important day as your dream 'Wedding' to be come true or we can say BOBO can make you to be a gorgeous bride as you are a princess. The services are; 👑 Make-up 👑 Bride and groom costume

👑 Pre-wedding photo-shooting 👑 VDO presentation 👑 Best Locations are selected 👑 Consultancy services

Follow BOBO Studio: Would you like to be a princess in your wedding day? Let's get married!

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