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Enjoy your days and get memorable back !

Phuket is a top of the World holiday destinations for travellers. Phuket Old Town is a heart with showcasing well-preserved architecture and narrows (one ways) streets.

Highlights of Heritage city, when I was young, I address Thalang Road was the road of fabric shops but currently you may see only less, replacing with new designed cafe, restaurant, souvenirs shop house, vendor, etc. Almost 10 years was starting to have Sundays Walking Street Market.

Early this year 2024 following by a new road setting Sundays Walking Street Market which is organized on Phang-nga Road.

From Sino-Portuguese architecture to very classical museums, that attract how charming of the town which you should see and do in Phuket.

Where to eat as local not as travellers?
Where is authentic restaurants?
Where the local people like to go?

If you would like to know those?
I have my drawing map and put it in your room.

Stay at 97 Yaowarat and let's me = host guide you !

35-2020_01_16 Yaowarat HKT-Lo-1097.jpg


No. 1 & The First Place At Phuket Old Town
"Batik" handicraft "Phuket Signature Style"
Best Selected
Tanja's Collection

Arts & Crafts
Creative Items
Phuket-Thai Local Products
Souvenirs - Home Décor

Available Here!
At 97 Yaowarat

Phuket special events

Feb 2021 - special events to close the street for surfing skate / skate board

Feb 2021 events

new generation activities, special events in Feb 2021

events in Feb 2021

special events in Feb 2021, looks fun and lively in the old town

events in Feb 2021

surfing skate with 97 Yaowarat's background

meet Mardi

new with around less than 10 years graffiti on walls in Phuket town

graffiti is all around

meet Mardi


night light VS night life

local bus

small charge to drop you off Kata - Karon - Patong - Chalong, Thalang, etc

enjoy atmostphere

local lifestyle

photo shooting

Sino-Portuguese architecture, repainted with very new looks colour

arts of the King Rama 9th

spot! landmark where reminds you ... we loves Thailand

arch way

can you see arch way of old eras was closed by solid wall?

arts & musuem

learning local cultures at historical house -museums around us

original brick

touchable old architecture

local foods

authentic thai-chinese cooking dishes

A-Pong - Phuket Crispy Pancake

A-pong is a recommended authentic Phuket's snacks with good smell of coconut which is one by one manual baked from nature charcoal.

good morning old phuket town

early morning atmosphere which you can find peaceful mode, so different from during the days and nights

Thai Tea

most popular drink around the world Cr. pic from shutterstock - thank you that we can promote local drinks for Phuket community

sundays walking street

enjoy shopping on thalang road - sundays walking street (good time from 15:00 - 21:30 by estimated) *now, no activities are organised until we will be better situation after COVID-19 round 3 in Thailand) Cr. pic from shutterstock - thank you that we can promote as Phuket News & Events for community

eco products

enjoy shopping thai souvenirs

silver or brass decor

shopping in the old town

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