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What's neW

February 2021, the installation of double glass - laminate window,we are proud to present the crafts from 'Hayden'; who came from New Zealandand have beautiful family in Phuket.He is a specialist on 'wooden work'. Very details and neat at processes. 


Preservation Design

Revive and restore historic structures .....

It might be very easy, when you think, how to less the noice or any sounds from street. Just contact some construction somewhere, glass, temper glass suppliers, .... and then you can have a big and wide glass door in just one day. 

But Here

How 'modern' and 'classic' can be together with well combined?

K I N D architect & interior design whom we know well...not think like above mentioning.

If we have one glass, big panel, how can we open or have the fresh air flow in, no need air-con, how to have local feeling in our room?


The interior design came with reasons to support our concept. Why '97 Yaowarat' needs to have something special?  To keep touchable of classic from the old era and bring back to the present that we try to keep 'history', these double windows are able to be opened/ shut as the same function that they were since a hundred year. The processes took couple weeks ...can you see what makes us different from the other? 


Thank You

K I N D architect & interior design

You made '97 Yaowarat' to be charming crafts house in the middle of Phuket old town. We hope '97 Yaowarat' can be inspired the local and anyone who have existing property can add value with details of 'arts & culture' by preservation and renovation as it should be 'timeless'.

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