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How can you find a very good care of interior details?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

When you have a dream house or dream rooms to makeover, renovation projects, or new projects you need someone create you beautiful design with matching your budget and keep the dreaming concept that will grab your dream to be come true. (mostly house's owners dream will not be come true because, the budget they have, is not matching with many factors that they could not have the design to keep their dream concept). If you are or you will be one of them, we can recommend you K I N D architect at Phuket, Thailand to assist you with very nice & friendly consultancy services. Why? Because K I N D is know how 'materials' in details (as the architect-interior here is a scientist, from our personal opinion) that can choose your furnitures, materials, estimate the cost which one can be substituted to keep both for your dream with your budget plan - especially their challenge jobs are 'renovation' projects which needs very much of analyse skills and experiences.

K I N D 's office is at ground floor of 97 Yaowarat

Let's start your project!

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