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97 Yaowarat on e-media

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

If you follow our story, K I N D architect & interior design; where the office is based on the ground of '97 Yaowarat'. He renovated and preserve the Phuket historical architecture with 'Classic-Modern' design and more about of value added of the building but is more about details, crafts, and timeless design. Many of people told us 'here is very attracted us want to see inside, what is more? Here is more about details in deep'. We would like to thank you all, you see the hard work and making an effort from K I N D.

Today, I would like to share you an e-media (Thai Language) that interview 'K I N D' as following. Screenshot: Part 1

Screenshot: Part 2

Screenshot: Part 3

Screenshot: Part 4

Read more:

K I N D 's office is at ground floor of 97 Yaowarat

Can you tell us good reasons to renovate your property?

Follow K I N D architect 👇🏼 Instagram: kind_designarchitect

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