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Things to do at Phuket while COVID-19 is still around us!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

What you can do to make your living feel relax or at least to spend time with yourself with calm activities. We know everyone included us feel anxious about the COVID19 pandemic. We will not encourage everyone to enjoy activities even small group unlike before COVID19 situation. We know that now, we need to live carefully, safely with new normal way. However, we would like to share you one of our 'keep calm' activity is 'Batik'.

Angel Fish
Phuket Batik Style

Batik is arts on fabric with dyeing colours and drawing by wax, very famous at Indonesia. When I was young (was studying in the primary school), I was always join the activities wherever they are organised 'Batik' on 'Children's Day'. I was enjoyed to draw with wax-resist tool on the square fabric frame (handkerchief size). It took around 1-2 hours to finish and get the cloth back with coating sodium-silicate. It is the batik fixer used to ensure colours fastness of batik colours. At this process we need to wait 6 hours or longer will be better. Then washing to rinse all sodium silicate off before taking the artwork to be boiled to melt all candle. Next, we will wash the cloth as normal and let it drys and rims the cloth neatly. You may apply to use as handkerchief or put it with the frame as house decoration.

Batik Pen
Wax-resist tool or pen

There are differences style of technique to paint 'Batik'. What makes Phuket Batik very unique and become to be my favourite art is about 'Colourful of Under The Sea'. Especially, clownfish, angel fish, corals, starfish, orchid, hibiscus. My father was art teacher and he knew I like 'Batik' so he bought all tools to do 'Batik' at home together when I was young. Now a day, it is very difficult to see 'crafts' of Batik in details -especially in Phuket Town and might be one of reasons why I wish to see Batik back. At least, this kind of artwork can tell story itself to the new generation or outside Phuket about 'Local Product' you may do it by yourself with '97 Yaowarat's host'.

Thank you Khun Perry & Khun Sara Our first clients from 'Airbnb Experiences'

Review from Khun Perry on 'Airbnb Experiences'

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You can have great difference experiences. We set calming space in our house, breathable with opened fresh air, no air-conditioner at our backyard areal. Don't even you may find 'somewhere peaceful for yourself' but you may surprised yourself 'can do' as well. Why with us? Our invited specialists are love what they do with 'passion' not by 'official theory'.

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Thank you all: Cr. Images from our clients, Wax drawing 'Under The Ocean' by Kru Yam

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