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Why people say 'they fall in love with our backyard' ?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

When people walk through narrow walk way with solid a hundred years old wall, they are surprised with 'opened space' which opened roof to see clear sky and breathable. You can feel refresh and relax. Beside of the 'accommodation' and 'architecture and interior design's office', we have public space 'backyard' with mini-garden. One optional services you will be enjoyed are;

  • BBQ space

  • Workshop or private meeting

  • Location for photo-shooting / blogger/ wedding studio

You may contact 'host' directly to have the quotation, service fee/ hour

6-7 meters height of big betel nut in the middle of our house

When people walk pass through the hundred years wall with narrow entranceway escort you to 'opened space' and amazed you with natural light from sky to our mini-garden. Touchable of relaxation and feel very private for you to be here and would like to pause 'happiness' of freely to take a deep breath and spend more time here before wearing the mask and walk out side to face with 'facts of new normal life' again.

Why BBQ with us? Many of our friends love 'FRESH' meats, seafood, product farms, vegetable, very 'original' tasty sauces. Unforgettable of 'authentic' style which you can feel differences and 'wow' your tongue.

Very fresh from the sea - steamed crabs

How difference of our BBQ - not dried - attaining perfectly moist (more photos how you can enjoyed with BBQ space, please click here)

Also, we open space of our backyard as service for your small meeting, private workshop, or shared working space as home office - fresh air, not by air-conditioner if you can accept the humidity and Phuket's weather. We concern about 'ventilation'. This helps get rid of virus particles in the house.

Sometime we need to spend 'time' with ourselves, to know ourselves. Are you agree? If you feel curious why you need 'time' for yourself, we can tell some guide...

Keep Calm - development of creativity skills -

- development of focus skills - - development of self-esteem -

- development of priority set and planing -

- development of small muscle -

- feel better for yourself - - bring positive mindset to yourself - - share positive mindset to others-

Why don't you try to do something for yourself? Don't have time? Ask yourself, if not today, when?

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