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Phuket Today: Better (To Keep Social Distancing) Together

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Now is round 3! What we can do to stay in Phuket happily? I knew, we all will say no, it has never been the same as before.

I took this picture by myself in the morning time around end of July 2021. It was very hurt to see. In this picture, people were waiting to be donated foods from a restaurant with long line before the time for foods got ready to be distributed.

People have not had any jobs (included me), no income, loss secure life and stability for themselves and family.

Thank you all businesses, restaurants, and all who can donate, foods, drinks, necessary stuffs to help other. I would say sorry for all and myself since 'COVID-19' pandemic has happened globally and we could not do anything better by ourselves to live normal life ever. Happiness looks far to reach but we need to keep 'positive thinking' with 'much more' care everyone around us 'F A M I L Y', plus 'much caring' more about other and communities as well.

Thinking positively, now we have 'T I M E',which we can be together and spend more to be loved and care each other.

The same here, Phuket Old Town, it is totally changed in term of tourist place, city tour, seems 'NONE' tourist or traveller (my point of view) since round 3 (after second week of Apr 2021 if I could recognise correctly). What I remembered is the week before 'Songkran' 13-14-15 Apr 2021, I knew from friends, hoteliers, or hotel's general manager, that the hotels were fully booked, plus over booked as well. That time, most of us (local people) can see 'smiles' and 'signal of tourism business will be back soon'. Suddenly just couple days, we have been noticed to be aware of 'COVID-19 Round 3' and following with 'notice to ask restaurants and shut the route to travel to Phuket' to keep preventing and avoid any risks to Phuket again. After that, most of the tourism and business were closed included the restaurants and of cause, shop houses in Phuket were closed too. No one did feel safe to get out side the house. Work from home (WFH) is back to applied until now. Keeping social distancing become the first priority at this moment and now.

I do not know what to say to make Phuket or we feel better? I really wish to have a place which we can breathable without anxious - especially I wish to see children, kids, baby can play safely in their fun places for their age which what they should be enjoyed their life after born. I feel thankful everyone for hard try to do some 'C H A N G E' to live and very be patient (waiting for our active living back) and empathy other together. We wish someday, Phuket can be back strong again 'H O P E' can help us to live with 'L O V E'.

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