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Phuket Today : May 15, 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This is low season 'May-Oct' for Phuket as it becomes raining season. Today while we observe and do the cleaning at '97 Yaowarat'. The old town still looks quiet if we compare the same period years ago (before COVID-19 situcation). The weather is very nice with clear sky and there were some rain (not heavy) the other days before.

The restaurants and some business are opened, however, there are required distancing with limited of no. table/ no. clients to have the service/ meals in the service places. We can see some foreigner/ traveller (maybe expat who works in Phuket) sightseeing by walking around the town.

We are waiting to hear the government policies and keep updating when the tourism industry will be official safe to open and run full operation soon! Keep in touch and stay tune to visit us '97 Yaowarat'

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