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Phuket Today - 1st week of June 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Await Thailand to be unlocked and wish to seeing the tourists are back....

COVID-19 situation and policies seems better the result and are controlled that we can see people can have the lifestyle back but always keep wearing the masks and cleaning the hands with alcohol at everywhere. Yes, Phuket's people lifestyle are changed and need to be aware to take care themselves to stay safe and avoiding any risks to be infected with 'Coronavirus-19'. Unlocked districts entrance. People can eat at the restaurants with limited acceptable no. of customers per shop/ restaurants and keep distancing is need still. We can see more local Phuket people and other who live here going outside for working, some sight seeing around the island or try to release the stressful themselves after locked down months. Including myself, while we keep our penthouse cleaned and nice. I keep waiting when I can buy and have some delicious snacks 'A-pong or Ah-pong' which made from mainly coconut (vegan can have it) and baked manually one by one pan. Today, they are back to open and selling as normal. This is very old style in Phuket although there are many 'A-pong' at any street but here is different. How? You can very good smell coconut cream and baked / smoked with nature charcoal. Where? Just very near '97 Yaowarat' which it is located small soi (street). Walking distances we can say only steps to reach the most tasty 'A-pong' in Phuket. Don't miss it! When it is opened? Around 10 a.m. and it will be sold out around 2 p.m. or sometime before 2 p.m. Oh, one thing you need to know mostly we need to wait for long queue some time 30 minutes or longer than that. We suggest you pop-up and let them know as early to check the queue and reserve to your best snacks at that day.

Ah - pong (อาโป้ง) is a famous local snacks of Phuket. Location: same side of 97 Yaowarat with seconds or less than 15 steps walking distance. Open: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. by estimated

Price: 7 pieces only 20 Thai Baht

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